something tells me i should introduce myself right now.

I’M  A FILIPINA. I LOVE MUSIC, which involves, WESTLIFE, 1D, ED SHEERAN, those are some of the major reasons why I love music. I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD, and I’m fangirling because of DARYL DIXON/NORMAN REEDUS. I LOVE GOT series, the GOT books always put me to sleep so, yeah. BUT I LOVE READING BOOKS. I dunno what else to say. So, that’s all. x


I FORGOT TO SAY THAT…  I LOVE JENNIFER LAWRENCE TOO! HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY (that i read for month like i really have to read it because i’ll die) HARRY POTTER.. LES MISERABLES, (that i haven’t seen yet, but i saw Samantha Barks and Anne Hathaway and I already loved it.) That’s all for now. again. hahahah!

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